Enjoy yourself amongst other partying Patrons, talk or drink your struggles away in the company of our dedicated Staff or start a new adventure in private with one of our delicate Mints.

Through a varied menu with both regular consumables and more exotic goods for daring Patrons along with carefully selected music and themed nights, we aim to make sure you can dance or drink the night away before you know it even started. Enter a venue with a cozy atmosphere, fueled by a team of enthusiastic Staff and lovely Mints who offer a plethora of services, which include in-house bordello services as well as escort services outside of opening times and venue.


🏠 Lich, The Goblet, Ward 17, Plot 18

Our cozy nightclub is located in The Goblet, while the outside does not directly resemble one, regulars to Eorzea's nightlife know exactly where and how to spot the nightclub.

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Weekly Opening

Friday, July 2 6:00pm ST